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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

31 Jul

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

I took this photo during a 6.30 am run along an almost deserted beach with my dogs. I have said before how much i love running with the dogs, how we all have fun and how i feel it is a great bonding experience.

But in those moments, i feel completely at ease, free, and happy. I think this picture comes pretty close to conveying that feeling.


Running with your dog

26 Feb

If you have never been out running/jogging with your dog, you should give it a go.

I have found that Maya loves it when i run with her and it is usually during these short runs that she is on her best behaviour. The best part is that running for a little while tires her out much more than a walk does (which means a peaceful house for a little while) and its great motivation for me to get out and get active as well!

Even if you just run for ten minutes or so, your dog will love it.

Maya’s first trip to the beach

10 Jan

Maya was probably about 15 weeks old when we first took her to the beach. We waited until we new that she was good at recall because there are always lots of other dogs running around off their lead along the beach (that’s one of the reasons we love going there with her). The sea was calm and sand banks had been formed so that there were shallow pools of still water. Perfect for introducing a puppy to the fun of the ocean.

At first, she wasn’t sure about the water at all, and needed lots of gentle persuasion to even get her feet wet…


Eventually, she did grow more confident and follow me into the water a little bit deeper. She was happy to paddle, but wasn’t so keen when we went deeper and she had to actually swim!


After having a little swim and a paddle, she decided it was much more fun to just run up and down along the sand, following after me.


We continued to take her down to the beach and encourage her to go into the water by going in with her or throwing her toys in for her to go and get, but she was never too keen. Eventually, what really persuaded her to take the dive was when she followed her little friend (Cavalier Spaniel, Alfie) into the water. Since then she has been unstoppable and even on the coldest days with the biggest waves she will dive straight in!


Exercise is a must!

8 Jan

I don’t care what breed of dog you have, what hours you work, how much time you have to spend with your dog, it NEEDS exercise. People might disagree with me on this one, but i am a firm breeder than no matter what the breed, whether its a tea-cup chihuahua or a Siberian husky, that dog needs at least two walks a day. I would say a minimum of 15-20 minutes per walk (obviously ALOT more for something such as a husky or other working breed). Little dogs are just as likely to be high energy dogs than the larger breeds. If not for the exercise, a walk is important to stimulate the dogs brain: they need to meet new people and other dogs, have a sniff, experience different sights, and sounds. And no, your garden inst enough. As a person, you would go stir crazy being cooped up in the house all day everyday, never seeing anything new, never meeting other people or talking to people… so why would it be acceptable to force that upon a dog?

This was Maya’s first time off the lead at 15 weeks old. We found a deserted golf course, spread ourselves out and worked on her recall training. Not only did she do a good job of staying with us and coming when called, but she also seemed to have a lot of fun, and was definitely tired by the time we got her home!