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A mini training session

24 Jul

Most days i like to spend a few minutes like this with the dogs practicing some of their little “tricks”.


Wanna know what’s fun?

27 Apr

Empty bottles!



Step 1: find an empty bottle, or beg your humans to give you one




Step 2: flatten it









Step 3: Get your brother’s attention












Step 4: tease your brother



Step 5: RUN!

SAM_0266 SAM_0286 SAM_0280 SAM_0237 SAM_0241 SAM_0240



Step 6: Relax and Smile



Max got neutered

19 Apr

Max got neutered

One of the reasons it has been so hectic. Not only was Maya spayed a couple of weeks ago, but due to a horrible dew claw that needed removing, Max has also had an operation and was neutered at the same time.

Needless to say, a one year old Labrador and nearly four month old Springer Spaniel who both need “rest” but actually feel perfectly normal, is hard work.

Max’s day

3 Apr

Hi everyone! I’m Max! My big sister Maya tells me that she often talks to you on this blog thingy, but today she is feeling poorly, so i thought i would give it a shot and try filling in for her. 

She told me that she sometimes tells you about her day, so i will try and do the same, it was an interesting day after all. 



I woke up this morning as usual when it got light. Maya always tells me that we have to be quite and wait for our humans to wake up, but i just can’t hold my excitement in and eventually i get Maya to join me and we wake up the adult humans. Then after going for a quick wee outside we get to go for a walk. Do you know how exciting a walk is? For two weeks i was kept at home, left by the door waiting whilst Maya was taken outside on her lead. She would sometimes disappear for a long time before she would come home smelling of all sorts of exciting things. Now though, i have had my injections and i get to join her on her adventures! 

After our walk, we usually get given our breakfast, which is good because by that time i am STARVING. Life was easier back in the day when i was with my mum, i had food whenever i wanted it! Although, it didn’t taste as good. Today however, we didn’t get any food. I thought the humans must have made a mistake. Maya was obviously annoyed, and i copied her in her sulking. 

photo (2)

“We refuse to love you until you give us our breakfast”



Our sulking didn’t work. Mum put Maya’s lead on and took her for another walk, leaving me behind in our bedroom (otherwise known as the kitchen). I was a little bit annoyed that i was being left behind, but in all honesty, i was tired and i probably couldn’t have walked that far anyway. 

Mum came home, and Maya wasn’t with her. This really upset me. Maybe mum had forgotten that Maya was with her? What if my big sister was lost? I kept trying to tell mum that she was missing by walking around the house and crying, but mum didn’t seem to notice. Eventually that tired me out and i decided to have a cuddle with mum. 



After lunch it was MY turn to have my collar put on and go for a walk. Perhaps we were going to find Maya, mum did realize after all! 


photo (3)


I might be quite a big boy, but out in the woods, I am rather small. 

For a while it was fun to chase the leaves and i kept close to mum. Then i smelled something and went on a little adventure with my nose to the ground. Suddenly, i heard the whistle. My mum has been teaching me that when i hear the whistle i have to come back to her. So that is exactly what i did! I am a good boy you know. 




I don’t know how Maya manages to stay out for so long. By the time i went home i was EXHAUSTED! I guess it’s because my legs are still little. I can’t wait to be tall and athlesic like Maya instead of short and stumpy. Maybe when i am grown up i will even be able to beat her at a race, instead of just being knocked over by her. 


Later in the afternoon, after i had napped for a while, mum went out again, and this time, Maya was home! I was so excited to see her, but something was different about her. She looked sad and had a weird cone around her head, her tummy was sore and she smelled funny. I tried jumping on her and kissing her to make her play, but she just wasn’t going to. I realize now that she is feeling poorly, and so it is my job to look after her. 

image (2)

Maya doesn’t like wearing a cone












image (1)

Even my kisses didn’t seem to make her feel better.



I don’t know what happened to her today, but from now on i will always protect her and never let her out of my sight.



Mum says that i have to tell you why it is that Maya is feeling poorly. Three months ago she had her first season, that means she is ready for breeding. Mum say’s that in order to prevent any accidental pregnancies, her running off to find a boyfriend and even some cancers, she had to have an operation called Spaying. She was given anesthetic so that she went to sleep and then had an operation. Now she is feeling very drowsy and a bit sore. For the next couple of weeks she won’t be able to exercise much, but before long she will be back to normal. Mum says life will be much easier by having the operation now. 


Apparently it is my turn in three months! 















Max is a smart boy

1 Apr

13 weeks old now Springer Spaniel Max is already getting the hang of a fair few tricks. Looks like we were lucky enough to find two smart doggies as his big sister Maya is just as wonderful.


Training Max

27 Mar

This was taken when he was ten weeks old, a couple of weeks ago.

Now he is doing very well with sit, can lay down and sit back up on command, sometimes will roll over and is working very hard on “wait” doing better everyday.

Tomorrow he will be getting his second vaccination which means he is almost ready for his very first walk, out into the big wide world.

English Springer Spaniel

16 Mar

With the new addition to our family, little Max, it seemed only fitting that i make this Saturday all about the Springer Spaniel.



This is a medium sized breed of dog, sturdy and quite compact, often used as a working dog. They usually reach around 20 inches in height with females being slightly smaller than males and weigh in at 18 to 25 kg (45-50 pounds). They have a broad skull which is medium in length and flat on top. The teeth should meet in a scissor bite. Depending on the colour of its coat, the nose will either be liver or black. It has oval shaped eyes, medium in size which will be either dark hazel (in liver coloured dogs) or dark brown (in black and white dogs). They have long pendant shape ears which hand close to the cheeks. The ears can vary in length depending if the dog is from working stock or show stock, with show stock tending to be slightly longer. Usually the tail is docked, although in many countries (ie UK) this is now illegal except for certain circumstances and working dogs where a permit is required. The coat is medium length, with feathering. The most common colours are black and white, or liver and white, although other colour variations do exist.

Health problems:

The main health issue that you might notice with this breed is that it is prone to ear infections. Because of their long ears, it is vital that you keep them clean and check for any seeds or other debris that could get stuck in them. The breed is also prone to hip dysplasia, PRA, which affects the eyes, PFK, a blood disorder, epilepsy, and HD. This is another breed that will easily gain weight and so it is important to exercise well and not over feed (or feed the wrong food).


All spaniel breeds can be traced back to a breed originating in Spain. During the Renaissance, it was considered the ideal companion for the European hunter and the breed is the founder of all the English hunting spaniels. A number of breeds were developed out of the English Springer Spaniel including teh Clumber, the Welsh Springer and the Cocker spaniel. In fact the Cocker Spaniel and English Springer were once considered the same breed as they were born in the same litter. The larger, Springers were used to flush out and spring on the game, whilst the smaller Cockers were used to hunt wood cock, hence their names. The American Kennel club recognized the English Springer Spaniel in 1910.


This is a breed that makes both a great family pet as well as doing well in the field. It is very adaptable, friendly, a quick learner and eager to please. Like many intelligent breeds, they are fairly easy to train but can become destructive if left with no entertainment for long periods of time. They do need a lot of exercise, particularly if they are from the working strain. As with any breed, socialization with other people, children and animals is important for the dog to grow up well balanced and avoid issues of aggression. This is a breed that tends to do best with consistency and structure to their lives with clear rules to follow. They are very sensitive to the tone of your voice, and will only listen to you if they think you have a calm authority. If they sense that they are more strong minded than their owner, then they will see it fit to be the pack leader and tell you what to do. As with Cocker Spaniels, Springers are associated with “rage syndrome” where they become aggressive for no apparent reason. This however is very rare and often is diagnosed when there are other causes such as inappropriate training and handling.

photo (5)

Max and Maya, sharing the love the day they met

Living conditions:

This is an adaptable breed and can do well living in an apartment provi

ding they are well exercised. They are fairly inactive when in doors, but having a good yard to romp around in would be best. This is a dog that will take as much exercise as you can give. At least two decent walks a day are needed. They also enjoy retrieving and swimming, and often do well in agility. As with all breeds, it is important that you make the dog heel at your side or just behind you when on the lead so that he knows that you are the leader, and not him.

spaniel retrieve



Life expectancy:

12- 14 years.