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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

31 Jul

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

I took this photo during a 6.30 am run along an almost deserted beach with my dogs. I have said before how much i love running with the dogs, how we all have fun and how i feel it is a great bonding experience.

But in those moments, i feel completely at ease, free, and happy. I think this picture comes pretty close to conveying that feeling.


The beach can be fun!

17 Jul

At 6 months old, so far Max hasn’t been keen on the beach, and even less keen on swimming! In fact, he hates getting wet. Until today!


First it all started with me getting my feet with. Just as a did with Maya, i took the dogs to the beach when it was calm and warm, took off my shoes and socks and in i went. It never takes long before they follow me and tip toe (or paw) into the sea towards me.


Ok, so he wasn’t sure at first and just hovered around where it was shallow. Each time a wave came he tensed or ran back.


Maya on the other hand, already knows how to swim and loves it! She loves it even more when she has a friend to swim with and seemed to be really happy that i joined her in the sea! Something i’ve not really done properly since she was a tiny pup. She quite literally swam circles around me!Image

So, what was it that eventually got Max to get right in the water and go for his first real swim? Seagulls!

Both of my dogs love chasing seagulls along the beach, and little Max never gives up on a chase, so in he went!

Of course, Maya was there to make sure he was ok!

Stormy sky, rough sea, sandy beach

23 Jun


Oh, and two dogs.


Top Dog

4 Mar

Top Dog

All bow down to Maya, Queen of the beach

Today was a good day!

4 Mar

Hey, it’s me again (Maya). I had so much fun telling you about my normal day, that i thought i would tell you about the fun i had this afternoon.

Mum had to go to school this morning to do her voluntary work so i had to stay on my own for a little while. I didn’t mind, but i did miss her, so i followed her around the house for a little while. Then my Auntie came home!

When they put me in the back of the car i thought we were going for a walk, but we actually went for a long drive! I like going in the car. At first i usually move around a lot until i get comfy, then i usually fall asleep.

The next thing i knew, i was hopping out of the boot and we were on the beach! This was great because it was sunny and warm, and there are usually lots of other dogs for me to meet on the beach. Mum kept taking photo’s of me, which was a little annoying!


This is me, keeping up with my pack.


Mum says i’m beautiful, i think i agree with her



Sometimes it is just me and mum who goes for a walk, but i think it is extra special when my Auntie Bee comes along too.



I love my Auntie Bee



Wait for me!










Now that i have learnt to sit and stay in one place, Mum has been making me practice when we are out on our walks. This is quite fun because i really have to concentrate so that i don’t get distracted.


Look how good i am!


That’s me and mum.


After all of that hard work and running around with other dogs, i decided to run away from Mum and Bee and head for the sea. It was perfect weather for a dip, but it was very cold! BRRRR!


Even though I am a Labrador, i’m not really all that bothered about water. It’s nice to paddle in, but i’m not keen about swimming.


Posing again. I could be a model, don’t you think?

When it was time for a quick rest, i decided to play in the sand. Mum and Bee sat down on the big square rock things, but i’m too little to jump up there.



That’s Bee having a rest



Do i have something on my face?










I’m not really sure how long “two hours” is, but it felt like a long time to me. By the time we got back to the car i was exhausted, and very thirsty! It’s a good job mum comes prepared and had a bottle of water to share with me.


That’s it for now, i hope you liked looking at my pictures and seeing how much fun i had today. I hope the weather had been just as beautiful for you!

Maya’s first trip to the beach

10 Jan

Maya was probably about 15 weeks old when we first took her to the beach. We waited until we new that she was good at recall because there are always lots of other dogs running around off their lead along the beach (that’s one of the reasons we love going there with her). The sea was calm and sand banks had been formed so that there were shallow pools of still water. Perfect for introducing a puppy to the fun of the ocean.

At first, she wasn’t sure about the water at all, and needed lots of gentle persuasion to even get her feet wet…


Eventually, she did grow more confident and follow me into the water a little bit deeper. She was happy to paddle, but wasn’t so keen when we went deeper and she had to actually swim!


After having a little swim and a paddle, she decided it was much more fun to just run up and down along the sand, following after me.


We continued to take her down to the beach and encourage her to go into the water by going in with her or throwing her toys in for her to go and get, but she was never too keen. Eventually, what really persuaded her to take the dive was when she followed her little friend (Cavalier Spaniel, Alfie) into the water. Since then she has been unstoppable and even on the coldest days with the biggest waves she will dive straight in!