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Win a trip to LA to meet Cesar Milan

25 Aug

Hey everyone!


Big apology here for not posting in a long time, ive been super busy studying and working  (gotta save some pennies).


Anyway, i know ive not posted for a while but i just checked my emails and received one about a competition to win a trip to LA where you can meet Cesar Milan and a chance for your pup to spend a bit of time at the dog psychology centre.


As you will know from having read many of my posts, i think some of Cesar’s techniques probably really do work, and that i really like how he promotes using a calm and assertive energy when around dogs. You will also know that i appreciate that not everybody (myself included) appreciate ALL of his techniques.


Either way, this is a great opportunity and one you might want to take up.

To enter the competition, just click here:



I will hopefully be making some new posts again this week, but i wont make any promises!

Happy blogging!


What shall I buy them next?

6 Aug


Thought this was appropriate

Crazy dog grooming

4 Aug

it’s called creative dog grooming, i call it bizare.

I’m sure you all know what i mean, you will have seen pictures, or perhaps even a dog will a “creative” hair cut.

The telegraph recently did a “crazy dog grooming competition” and the BBC did a “creative dog grooming competition”.

Basically, what i am talking about is this…

Dogs that have been groomed with a bright and colourful hair cut, perhaps to look like something different. I have seen pictures of dogs that are made to look like star wars characters, dogs that look like other animals, and dogs that just look plain weird.

so, first, what i want to know is, what do you think about this creative grooming?

Claims of animal cruelty:

Looking at the comments on some of these photographs i noticed that this type of dog grooming is quite frequently argued to be animal cruelty.

I would like to point out that it isn’t, when done properly the dog is groomed by a professional and all products used are animal friendly.

it’s humiliating for the dog:

This is another thing people might claim regarding this style of dog grooming. They might suggest that the dogs are unable to interact normally with other dogs due to their crazy hair cuts. What we need to remember here is that unlike a person who has a bright pink Mohais prawk might get some odd looks when walking down the street, dogs don’t really care how other dogs look. They know they are a dog by their scent, and they communicate through both scent and body language, not by how they look.

My opinion;

Honestly, I don’t understand why people do this. I think it looks absolutely ridiculous. Even something as simple as dying your poodle’s fur pink strikes me as odd. I think they beautiful in their natural colour. Anything other than basic grooming to keep them tidy and healthy should surely be enough? I don’t know about the dog being humiliated, but would be humiliated walking my dog if it had a bizare hair style like this…

That being said, i will admit that these people are very creative and very skilled at what they do. Providing the dogs are not being harmed i any way (physically and mentally), i can’t really argue that this practice is wrong. So, if that is what you like to do, keep having fun.

Really the aim of this post was to try and get some feedback from people as i would be interested to see what others think about “creative dog grooming”.

What would you like to see?

31 Jul

Remember that there are a number of ways you can contact me with questions, suggestions, stories and pictures.

I would love to hear from you.





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Just a heads up, there may not be a post on sunday, because i am working alot at the moment and also trying to get fit again (the dogs are helping me), so i dont have as much time as i would like.





Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

31 Jul

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole

I took this photo during a 6.30 am run along an almost deserted beach with my dogs. I have said before how much i love running with the dogs, how we all have fun and how i feel it is a great bonding experience.

But in those moments, i feel completely at ease, free, and happy. I think this picture comes pretty close to conveying that feeling.


The Princess and the Gladiator

28 Jul

The Princess and the Gladiator

A little while back i paid cartoon rebels to make me a cartoon of Maya and Max. This is what they came up with!

I think it captured their personality and they look awesome!

I know this is only a small post, but i will try to post again tonight if i have time after work, sorting the dogs etc.

Happy blogging!


A mini training session

24 Jul

Most days i like to spend a few minutes like this with the dogs practicing some of their little “tricks”.