Win a trip to LA to meet Cesar Milan

25 Aug

Hey everyone!


Big apology here for not posting in a long time, ive been super busy studying and working  (gotta save some pennies).


Anyway, i know ive not posted for a while but i just checked my emails and received one about a competition to win a trip to LA where you can meet Cesar Milan and a chance for your pup to spend a bit of time at the dog psychology centre.


As you will know from having read many of my posts, i think some of Cesar’s techniques probably really do work, and that i really like how he promotes using a calm and assertive energy when around dogs. You will also know that i appreciate that not everybody (myself included) appreciate ALL of his techniques.


Either way, this is a great opportunity and one you might want to take up.

To enter the competition, just click here:



I will hopefully be making some new posts again this week, but i wont make any promises!

Happy blogging!


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