Keeping cool in the summer

21 Jul

I know i have already made a post on keeping your pets safe in the summer/heat, but since the UK have been given some heatwave warnings (an because i am lacking in imagination today) i thought i would give you a quick list of ideas of how to keep your dogs cool in this heat.

1. Drinking water:

Make sure that your dog is provided with a constant supply of fresh drinking water. You could even try adding a couple of ice cubes to their water bowl to cool it down that little bit more.

In our home we have two bowls of water in the house which are always kept filled, a bowl outside and then the addition of a full paddling pool, so we know they always have somewhere to get a drink. Then we always take water out with us on our walks.


2. Swimming;

A kiddies paddling pool is a great addition to your garden in the summer. Not only can it act as a giant paddling pool, but it is somewhere for your dog to have a paddle in, sit down and cool off.

When out on your walks (during the cooler part of the day) you could try taking your dog somewhere that he can swim. Perhaps a place with a lake, or the beach. Swimming in the sea on a warm evening is great fun for dogs, and they will love it if you get in with them!



3. Frozen treats:

Find some food that you know is healthy for dogs and try freezing it before giving it to them. Frozen banana is a favourite of Max’s and Maya’s. Another option is filling a kong or a bottle with either food or perhaps some water. This will take a while for the dogs to get into, be fun and cool them down a bit.




4. Shade:

Make sure that you provide a shaded area in the garden for your dog to rest. This could be under an umbrella, by creating a den with some old sheets or anything your imagination can come up with. This year Maya has dug out her own little area behind some plants and under a hedge. The soil is cool and she is in the shade when she lies there.



5. A fan:

If it is really hot and your dog seems to be uncomfortable both inside and out, try setting up a fan for them. I would recommend placing it somewhere out of reach (so that they can’t get into any harm). The dog can lie in the stream of cool air and just relax.


6. Somewhere cool to lie:

If you have a room with laminate, wooden or tiled flooring in your house, consider letting your dog sleep there instead of in its bed or somewhere carpeted. The cool floor will be much more comfortable



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