Top dog

14 Jul

I have discussed the topic of dogs with bad reps before, but what i haven’t discussed is those that are incredibly popular and could perhaps be considered top dog.

I am not sure why, but i am surprised to find that the majority of dogs that made it into the kennel clubs ten most popular breeds are large dogs. So, if you had to chose breed size, what would be your favourite?

According the the UK Kennel club, the ten most popular breeds in 2008 were:

The American Kennel club’s ten most popular breeds in 2008 were:

1. Labrador Retriever

2. Yorkshire Terrier

3. German Shepherd

4. Golden retriever

5. Beagle

6. Boxer

7. Dachshund

8. Bulldog

9. Poodle

10. Shih Tzu

Top dog:

We all know that i absolutely adore labrador retrievers, and it seems so does the rest of the world. Year after year they come out at most popular dog according to statistics, and i find it interesting that in the UK there were over twice as many labrador registrations (2008) of the labrador than the second most popular dog, the springer spaniel!

Why are the so great?

You can check out the breed profile for the labrador in the breed category, but to sum it up, they are very energetic dogs which are aim to please and so can be fairly easy to train (providing you work hard) and make great working dogs in a variety of settings. They are also one of the most loveable, loyal and at times dopey breeds i personally have every come across. Dogs are man’s best friend, but the labrador will quickly become your BFF!


photo (1)

Giving my girl a big kiss. She wins my vote for top dog.



What dog should i get?

When deciding on what breed of dog you would like, you really need to take a lot into consideration. The dog you bring home needs to be the right dog for you, and you the right human for him.

1. Exercise requirements. This is probably the most important factor to consider. A dog that needs a lot of exercise isnt going to fit in somewhere it will be left at home all day to occupy itself. Even small terriers need a lot!

2. Size. This might not be the most important, but you need to make room for your four legged friend.

3. Grooming. Do you want to spend hours grooming your dog, or just a quick brush a few times a month?

4. Trainability. All dogs can become well trained, but some are much more stubborn than others. Whatever dog you get you will want to spend time and effort in obedience training, but if you want a dog that will pick up tricks easily, you might want to choose some kind of working breed over a bulldog.

5. Health issues. Always look into the health issues, some dogs are much more prone to certain diseases or general health problems than others.

6. Reputation. I know this seems a bit harsh, but some dogs just come with a bad rep. That isnt me saying that they are bad dogs, just that people could potentially treat you differently for owning one.

7. Your temperament. Yep, you read correctly. Your personality is just as important. If you are a very highly strung, stressed out or flighty person, you need to think carefully about what effect you will be having on your dog. Dogs are our mirrors. By this i mean that you might not want to bring a breed of dog that requires a great deal of training into your life, if you yourself are not a calm, assertive pack leader. The last thing you want is a 25 or more kg dog picking up on your “crazy” vibes and deciding its time for him to rule the house.

8. Other pets. Some dogs just don’t get on with other small furies. Terriers for example often have such a strong prey drive that bringing one home to live with the resident cats probably isn’t the best idea.

9. Kids. Some dogs are better with children than others. Generally this just comes down to their patience. For example, labradors or golden retrievers will often quiet happily endure all sorts of prodding and pulling by little hands, whilst many small breeds are not so tolerant. Small dogs also run the risk of being dropped if they are picked up by a child.


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