New things!

10 Jul

Hey followers!


Sorry i havent posted anything exciting this week, i have to admit i have spent most of my time enjoying the sun, if not working or having interviews. Anyway. i’ve decided to kick things up a notch on the blog front.


I now have a new email address, made specifically for anything puppy panic related. This means you can send me pictures, stories or ask for any help by emailing me. I would love to be able to post some of your own stories and experiences and have a look at your four legged friends!


Then there is the new twitter account, which you can follow for any puppy panic news, reminders of when there are new posts to check out and the odd bits and pieces.

or you should be able to find me by searching for PuppyPanic.


I am also about to create a facebook page!


I am looking forward to seeing you follow me and would absolutely love to recieve some emails, tweets or comments with suggestions and stories.


All of the information will be put in the about page, or possible a new page for contact info, ive not got that far yet!




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