Happy Holidays for your dog

12 Jun

Hey everyone, I am really sorry i missed out on Sunday’s post after promising to post on a regular basis. First i suddenly became quite ill and needed bed rest and then i spent the weekend gallivanting around Paris so never got around to preparing a post. 



Anyway, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to look at what you can do about finding care for your dog(s) whilst you are away on holiday. 


1. Take your dog with you:

I’m sure this is an option that many of us would like the opportunity to do, and of course, there are places that are dog friendly. There are also things you need to consider before making the decision to take your dog on holiday with you:

1. Where are you going to stay?  (is the hotel dog friendly? will you be in a caravan?) 

2. What will you be doing on your holiday? (will the activities be dog friendly? or will you end up being restricted because the dog cannot join in?)

3. Are you going abroad? (taking a dog abroad obviously is a lot more difficult, and you probably wouldn’t do this unless you were moving abroad)

4. The location (it isnt just where you are staying that needs to be dog friendly, but also the location)

5. The journey (will your dog get too hot travelling by car for a long time?)

6. Laws and local “rules” (you need to be aware of any areas that your dog MUST be kept on lead for example). 




2. Stay with a friend:

If you have a family member or friend that would be able to house your dog during your holiday this could be a great money saver as well as a much nicer experience for your dog. Things to consider:

1. The behaviour of your dog (if your dog is a bouncy, out of control hound with no idea of boundaries, it might be unfair to expect other people to take him into their home) 

2. The members of the family they will share the house with. ( are their children? Elderly people? People with allergies? Other animals?)

3. The dogs requirements. (can your friend provide enough exercise, something that is important for the dog but will also prevent boredom and destructive behaviour). 

4. Where will the dog sleep. (is he used to sleeping in a kennel but would now have to stay in the living room?) 


3. Stay at home:

This could either be with a friend or family member coming to stay in your home with your dog, or perhaps someone who will pop in throughout the day to entertain your dog. Things to consider:

1. Will they get enough attetion? (popping in before and after work for half an hour each day isnt really enough). 
2. Keeping up with house rules. (your dog will already know its house rules, but will probably try to test them under the supervision of someone new)
4. Kennels:
Our dogs have always been put in kennels when we have gone away on holiday, and i have to say, most of the time this has worked out just fine for everybody. There are different types of boarding establishments out there and a lot that needs to be considered when picking one:
1. The type of establishment. (some boarding kennels are just kennels, others allow dogs inside the house)
2. Socialisation (is dog-dog socialisation allowed and in what way?)
3. Human interaction (i know that some kennels provide very little human interaction, whilst others will dedicate much of the day to spending time with the dogs, and not just mucking out).
4. Qualifications (do the people working there have any qualifications? In this i would also include how long they have been running) 
5. Prices (boarding your dog can be expensive, but i would suggest that cheaper isnt usually better)
6. Walks (you should ideally look for a kennel that will walk your dog at least twice a day, some dont at all)
7. Reputation (listen to word and mouth, people will recommend a good place)

There are probably plenty of other ways of keeping your dog happy and safe, and also plenty more to consider. Let me know how you give your dog a holiday when you go away. 


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