The Plan

26 May

Hey guys! 


Once again i am So So sorry that i haven’t been posting, even though i promised you i would! Things have been a little hectic lately with the dogs and my own life. 

This is what is going on: as of next week i will be continuing with my voluntary work at school (remember, i want to teach?) and then starting part time work at a tea room. Basically, this means i will have slightly less time and also less imagination (brain power :/) to make as many posts as i used to. 

Here is the solution, i am going to dedicate two days a week to post on here. 

Every Wednesday and every Sunday you can expect a post on puppypanic! 


Another thing you can expect: i am considering changing the domain name, so don’t panic about that!



I really love it when you comment and give me feedback, that was part of the idea behind this site, so share experiences, ideas etc, so keep that up. Suggestions for posts are also always great because i love helping people out and also researching and therefore learning about new things. 


See you soon my lovely followers!


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