Adventures in the sunshine

26 May

Now that Max is finally able to go out for walks again (after having his dew claw removed), he is getting up to all sorts of mischief with his big sister. Lucky for these two sun loving hounds, it has been a beautiful weekend, and that of course, means i have had my camera out.



A long, long walk:



The best thing about the sunshine is that we can go on nice long walks (until it gets too hot that is). This was Max’s longest walk yet, through the woods, to the beach and back again!


            You want to point that camera at me? Here, is this close enough?


Going for walks is a great time to keep up with practicing recall training. The dogs have a great time roaming about and having a sniff, but every time they get to a certain distance (i go with the approx length of the garden), call them back, whistle, whatever you do. See how quickly they come running, its great practice for when you need them to come back in an emergency.


Coming back to the whistle like pro’s. Both with a “smile” on their face, bonus!


Here Maya spotted a deer in the distance. This time, she just stood and watched for a moment before we called her back. Later in the day a deer jumped out right in front of her, and off she went, hot on its heels. Don’t worry, she came back once she had had enough! In this isntance, the deer was much more exciting than her recall response!



The best thing to do when the sun is shining and it’s hot out? You got it! SWIMMING!


   Fancy a dip anyone?



One of the nice things about where i live, is all of the bird reserves. Here we are taking a peek from one of the hides. Max was particularly interested, we didn’t see many birds though!


IMG_0294  IMG_0293




After all of those adventures, we wondered if little Max would even make it home. He hopped straight into the car and collapsed.


A long walk makes a tired puppy!


Oh look! The sea!

Ok, so this little trip wasn’t entirely planned.  When the dog’s get messy, what is the easiest way to clean them off? The beach!


Sorry we got so mucky and smelly…. we really didn’t mean to “fall” in the swamp.


Really, when you have two “big” dogs, bathing them isn’t always easy. We try not to get into situations where we have to put them in the bath, its dirty, smelly and they scratch the porcelain. Then of course, too many baths isn’t good for these dogs anyway. Why bath them when you can take them swimming in the sea anyway?


IMG_0244            IMG_0246              IMG_0247


Maya is much happier to go in the sea now that she is a big girl, little Max wasn’t so keen to follow her. So, my shoes and socks came off and in i went!





Maya was born for the sun



IMG_0202                                  IMG_0205




Even indoors these two find the sunshine and make the most of it!

Suffolk Coastal-20130501-00632


Garden fun, and bubbles!




floppy ears! The bubble is getting away!


Come on! Blow some bubbles!


Just before the big jump!


Throw the ball! Go on, throw it!


The end!

So, sorry again for being not posting much lately, but hopefully these pictures of the terrible two will make you smile!


Licks and cuddles from Maya and Max, keep wagging!




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