My dog is a pig!

7 May

I thought this would be a useful thing to talk about as i have noticed recently lots of adverts for tools that can be used to help you dog eat at a slower pace. Also, i myself have been on the look out for methods to get little Max to eat slower.

At the moment Max eats so quickly that if you take his bowl away before he has finished, it still takes a good few seconds to finish what is already in his mouth (he literally fills his mouth up and doesn’t even chew!). He eats so quickly that he holds his breath.


Why does it matter?

Well, firstly it isn’t particurly nice to see that your dog pretty much eats without chewing, or that he eats so quickly that he ends up moving on to attempt to steal food from your other dog (as in Max’s case).

The more important issue is that it can cause health problems.

Weight: This isnt necessary an issue caused by eating too quickly in itself. However wolfing down their food so fast that they seem to inhale it, is often seen in dogs that are overweight and need to lose a few extra pounds. Perhaps it is due to the fact that they finish quickly and so move onto other things to eat. Perhaps it is just because they have an overly large appetite.

Bloat: This is the real issue, usually affecting larger breeds, and some more than others. Basically, eating too fast can result in a build up of gas in the stomach which in turns puts pressure on the diaphragm and then makes it more difficult for the dog to breath. Sometimes the stomach can even twist itself. Without treatment a dog can go down hill quickly. (If you want to know any more about bloat, for example what the signs are, just drop me a comment and ill get back to you on that one :)).


How to get your dog to eat more slowly:

  • First you might like to try feeding several small meals during the day, rather than one or perhaps two larger meals. This makes it impossible for the dog to consumer a large amount of food, quickly. 
  • Try separating the times between food and exercise. Your dog magazine suggests a two hour gap.
  • Encourage slow eating by purchasing a special bowl or adding something to the bowl that your dog has to eat around. There are lots of different types of bowl on the market, however, i have found that adding a simple tennis ball to the food bowl has slowed Max down a fair deal, so this could be a cheap and simple option.


slooooow slow feed slow food slow foood


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