Max’s day

3 Apr

Hi everyone! I’m Max! My big sister Maya tells me that she often talks to you on this blog thingy, but today she is feeling poorly, so i thought i would give it a shot and try filling in for her. 

She told me that she sometimes tells you about her day, so i will try and do the same, it was an interesting day after all. 



I woke up this morning as usual when it got light. Maya always tells me that we have to be quite and wait for our humans to wake up, but i just can’t hold my excitement in and eventually i get Maya to join me and we wake up the adult humans. Then after going for a quick wee outside we get to go for a walk. Do you know how exciting a walk is? For two weeks i was kept at home, left by the door waiting whilst Maya was taken outside on her lead. She would sometimes disappear for a long time before she would come home smelling of all sorts of exciting things. Now though, i have had my injections and i get to join her on her adventures! 

After our walk, we usually get given our breakfast, which is good because by that time i am STARVING. Life was easier back in the day when i was with my mum, i had food whenever i wanted it! Although, it didn’t taste as good. Today however, we didn’t get any food. I thought the humans must have made a mistake. Maya was obviously annoyed, and i copied her in her sulking. 

photo (2)

“We refuse to love you until you give us our breakfast”



Our sulking didn’t work. Mum put Maya’s lead on and took her for another walk, leaving me behind in our bedroom (otherwise known as the kitchen). I was a little bit annoyed that i was being left behind, but in all honesty, i was tired and i probably couldn’t have walked that far anyway. 

Mum came home, and Maya wasn’t with her. This really upset me. Maybe mum had forgotten that Maya was with her? What if my big sister was lost? I kept trying to tell mum that she was missing by walking around the house and crying, but mum didn’t seem to notice. Eventually that tired me out and i decided to have a cuddle with mum. 



After lunch it was MY turn to have my collar put on and go for a walk. Perhaps we were going to find Maya, mum did realize after all! 


photo (3)


I might be quite a big boy, but out in the woods, I am rather small. 

For a while it was fun to chase the leaves and i kept close to mum. Then i smelled something and went on a little adventure with my nose to the ground. Suddenly, i heard the whistle. My mum has been teaching me that when i hear the whistle i have to come back to her. So that is exactly what i did! I am a good boy you know. 




I don’t know how Maya manages to stay out for so long. By the time i went home i was EXHAUSTED! I guess it’s because my legs are still little. I can’t wait to be tall and athlesic like Maya instead of short and stumpy. Maybe when i am grown up i will even be able to beat her at a race, instead of just being knocked over by her. 


Later in the afternoon, after i had napped for a while, mum went out again, and this time, Maya was home! I was so excited to see her, but something was different about her. She looked sad and had a weird cone around her head, her tummy was sore and she smelled funny. I tried jumping on her and kissing her to make her play, but she just wasn’t going to. I realize now that she is feeling poorly, and so it is my job to look after her. 

image (2)

Maya doesn’t like wearing a cone












image (1)

Even my kisses didn’t seem to make her feel better.



I don’t know what happened to her today, but from now on i will always protect her and never let her out of my sight.



Mum says that i have to tell you why it is that Maya is feeling poorly. Three months ago she had her first season, that means she is ready for breeding. Mum say’s that in order to prevent any accidental pregnancies, her running off to find a boyfriend and even some cancers, she had to have an operation called Spaying. She was given anesthetic so that she went to sleep and then had an operation. Now she is feeling very drowsy and a bit sore. For the next couple of weeks she won’t be able to exercise much, but before long she will be back to normal. Mum says life will be much easier by having the operation now. 


Apparently it is my turn in three months! 















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