It’s my birthday!

1 Apr


Guess what?! I’m a whole year old today, and that means i’m nearly a grown up. It won’t be long before i am fully grown, but mum say’s i will still be considered a puppy for another year.

I started my day today by going for a walk with my little brother, have you met Max yet? He’s super fun, but sometimes he is a bit slow and i have to hurry him along, other times he gets tired and wants to sleep. Mum says it won’t be long now though until he is big enough to play properly, i guess that means he’s here to stay then!

Anyway, when i got home, my mum had prepared THE best breakfast i have EVER had!.

image (1)

You see, not only did i have my normal puppy food, but i also got some chicken, some carrot, some olive oil and an egg! Even max got a little bit extra in his food, but he only got some chicken and carrot.

image (3)

Oh, it was a delicious treat! I left the egg ’till last because that was my favourite part. Mum says that i must point out to you that many people are concerned over giving their dog’s raw egg, but there are actually lots of health benefits and they are a good treat. All i know is that they taste GREAT and i wish i had them more often.

After eating, it is always important to have a nap, so Max and I snuggled up on the sofa for a little while.

Then the sun came out and we felt ever so lucky that it had made an appearance after all this time. You know, i’m not one to complain but i really am fed up of having to go for walks in the cold. The sun is much better. So of course, we spent much of the day running circles around mum in the garden.

Even Max is getting good at this game now, although he is no match for my speed!


Time for another nap in the sunshine.

Mum disappeared out for a little while, but when she got back, it was time for a run! We went to the field with my aunty and all ran around it, we even played hide and seek and i played in the big puddles. Oh i bet that Max was jealous sat at home whilst i was out having all the fun.

When we got home, it was time for Max and I to do some training. I’m pretty much a pro now, and if i am feeling in the right mood, i’ll do anything my mum asks of me. My favourite trick at the moment is the army crawl! I wonder what i will learn next. That little Max is also doing well, although, he does have a long way to go. I am TRYING to guide him and show him the rules in this family, but it’s hard work. Like earlier today when the back gate was left open and he just wandered out, who did he think he was? I stood in the doorway and watched whilst he was retrieved by one of the humans. Silly boy! He will learn though, mum is a good teacher, and this time she has me to help her!

That’s it really for my day. The afternoon consisted of more games in the garden, another nap and our tea time. Oh! i almost forget, i’m on big girl food now! How cool is that?

All in all, i have had a pretty good birthday, but then again, most of my days are pretty special!

By for now!

Lots of love and licks,

the birthday girl, Maya


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