All grown up…

28 Mar

In just four days time, on the 1st of April, Maya will be one year old!

I have had her for ten months now, and really can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Today i booked her in to get spayed which will be on the 4th April (nice birthday present for her, huh?). Anyway, it got me to thinking, my baby girl is all grown up.


She has gone from this squishy, chubby little bundle of cuddles, weighing in at just around 5kg. A little brown blob with big sad eyes that used to follow me around everywhere, always demanding cuddles. A little ball of destruction that peed from excitement every where she went and even had an accidental poo on mum’s bed. She would and still will do anything i asked providing she gets some sort of treat. She was a fast learner.

To this….


A beautiful, happy girl full of life and energy. A dog that has learnt to follow my lead and can “sit”, “lay down”, “go up”, “spin”, “Roll over”, “wait”, “leave it”, “heel”, “bow” and “army crawl”. A retriever that does not and will not retrieve. She is my running partner. My comforter. A smiley, “chatty” dog that will happily spend time alone but will also let you know when she wants attention by hopping up onto the sofa and sitting on your chest for a cuddle. A dog that will eat just about anything that is within reach, but also know’s when it is time for her tea and will let you know by barking at you, pawing at you and then standing by the door. But also a dog that shows patience and waits to be invited outside, and waits for permission to eat her food. She is a dog that wants to be friends with everybody and wont take no for an answer.

But most of all….

She’s my Maya and i love her, for loving me.


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