Fly Snapping

20 Mar

Does your dog turn around and randomly bite at the air as though trying to catch something?

Well, here is why…

Fly snapping or sometimes known as air snapping refers to when a dog appears to be watching something and then leaps up suddenly, snapping at the imaginary object or air. This behaviour is considered to be a form of behavioural seizure, but has also been associated with certain diseases of the eyes. However, it has also been suggested that fly snapping can occur as a form of obsessive-compulsive behaviour, something that has been learned or a way of seeking attention. There are variations in the age at which this type of behaviour might begin in a dog, as well as the frequency at which it occurs and so any form of prediction is impossible. Treatment for this behaviour would depend upon the reason behind it occurring. For example, if this is an attention seeking behaviour, the owner might try ignoring the behaviour, instead of rewarding it with attention. Making alterations to the environment might reduce or eliminate the behaviour where it occurs in response to stressful stimuli.


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