Animal’s i have met so far:

8 Mar

I am now coming up to a year old, and i have met many wonderful (and some very strange) animals, today was one of my strangest encounters yet, so i thought i would make a list of all the animals i have come across so far, just so you can keep a record for me (i might forget you see).


1. Other dogs. Of course i met other dogs straight after i was born, my mum and siblings were around. But i have also had the pleasure to meet lots of other dogs since then. Whenever i see another dog i run over to say hello, most of the time they are happy to see me and like to play, but i have found that some dogs are not so friendly.


       I met Flora when i first moved into my new home. At first she was about the same size as me and she often came round to my garden for a play date.

Suffolk Coastal-20130227-00266

I am bigger than her now!


2. The cats. At first i wasn’t sure what these animals were. I thought they were just dogs that didn’t wag their tail and looked a bit funny, oh, and were very rude! There are two that share a house with me, but one seems much more prepared to say hello to me than the other one.

Suffolk Coastal-20130307-00363

Turns out, they arent so bad, you just have to know how to handle them. This one is the old one, “the wonder cat”. I like him because he sometimes lets me say hello. Oh, and steal his food!


3. Ducks. Sometimes when i go on a walk mum takes me to a place where i am not allowed off my lead. It is a place with lots of little gardens, allotments, i think they are called. This is a nice walk, but boy are there some strange looking creatures that live there.


4. Chickens. These also live at the allotments. I was scared of them when i was little, but now that i’m bigger i am also much braver! They make strange noises and all gather around the fence when we approach them. I guess they are friendly, but you never can be too careful.


Look at me looking at them looking at me…


5. Sheep. I have come across these animals a few times, unfortunately, mum hasn’t been clever enough to take a picture of me with them. I remember when i first saw them i tried to get them to play with me, then i realised that they don’t do much, so now i just sit down and look at them. Mum always makes me sit when we see another animal, shes says something about “me learning that they are not to play with” but as far as i can tell, she just does that so that she can take photos of them.


6. Cows. These are BIG animals, but they seem friendly. I first met them at the beginning of this year and since then, lots of them have had babies, but they are still big compared to me. I once got scared though because one made a funny noise at me.


Suffolk Coastal-20130308-00378

These ones are brown like me.


7. Horses. This is another animal that i often see during my walks. There are several different types as far as i can tell. Some stay out of your way, some are fenced off and some watch you like they might chase you away if you make a wrong move. Mum always keeps me on the lead when these animals are about, i think maybe they get a bit nervous, especially the wild ones. I did once meet one on the beach that had a person on its back. Can you imagine, carrying a human around on your back? They must be super strong.



I think these are called Dartmoor ponies

Suffolk Coastal-20130303-00329

These are Polish










8. Birds. I know that ducks and chickens are birds, but now i mean the type that fly away. I have met many different types of birds before. Well, i say met, i really mean that i have seen them. I love to chase birds, especially seagulls, but they always manage to get away. How do they get up into the sky anyway? There is something i must confess when it comes to birds. When i was younger there was a little blue tit in the hedge in the garden and i may have accidentally caught it in my mouth, played with it and then ate it. Mum was trying to get it off of me, but i was having a lot of fun.


9. Rabbits. I have seen these small fury things about in the fields and woods, but so far, i cant work out what i am supposed to do with them. I did chase one once, but it disappeared below the ground before i could catch it.


10. Squirrels. These are odd aren’t they? Just as soon as you think you have gotten close they disappear up a tree. I’m sure that once i get a bit older i will find a way to jump up there and play in the trees with them. I guess i’m just still too young for that yet.


11. Deer. I am not sure if i have actually seen Muntjac deer before, but i know that they have been around. However, today i saw the strangest thing ever, some huge Red deer stags. They had big things sticking out of the side of their heads, antlers i think. Mum was really quite and crept closer to get a better look and because she was so quite i knew that i had to stay by her side and be really well behaved.

Suffolk Coastal-20130308-00371









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