Diary of a Labrador puppy

27 Feb

Hey everyone! I’m assuming you all know who i am by now? That’s right, I’m Maya, its very nice to finally get to have my say on here. I’m only a puppy so i don’t have to worry about all of the things my human pack do, but that doesn’t mean i don’t have lots to say! Anyway, i thought i would tell you about my average day (today!).

My morning:

Sometimes i wake up really early in the morning and i start moving around to wake my family up. Today i was desperate for a wee so i ran straight outside when i was let out of my bedroom area. I had a quick walk with my human grandparents and then they went to work, but i didn’t mind because i got to play with a new bone! Bones are great, aren’t they? A little while later my mummy and auntie came down stairs, but they had to go out as well so i was put back into my bedroom. I don’t mind being left on my own any more because i just catch up on my beauty sleep, it takes a lot to look this good you know.

Luckily, they weren’t gone very long, but that didn’t mean i wasn’t excited to see them! I ran up to them wagging my tail, and trying really hard not to jump up at them (i know they don’t like that very much, but sometimes its just too hard to resist).

Once they had settled down i decided that i needed more attention to i kept barking at them and nudging them. After a little while they gave me the best present ever, an empty water bottle!


Water bottles are so much fun because they make crunchy noises when you bite them or jump on them.

We played for a while with my toys and the water bottle, and then i decided it was time to play my favourite game. This is when i find something i know i shouldn’t play with and run around the house with it so that they have to chase me. You should try it, its great fun!

That tired me out so i curled up and had a little nap. When i woke up my aunty was gone and it was just me and my mummy left. I thought that because she was lonely i should probably make her play with me again.


Having a nap is so good, especially if the sun is shining through the window and its warm.














Instead of playing with me, mum put her coat and shoes on and then put my lead on me. I know what that meant, WALKIES! Walking is great fun, but you should know, there are some important rules a dog has to follow. There are so many that it takes a long time to learn them all, but i think i am getting there 🙂

1) A dog must wait for their pack leaders permission to leave the house. This is a hard one because if you are anything like me, you are VERY excited to get outside. Waiting by the door until your human asks you to leave will get you big brownie points, maybe even a treat if you are lucky!

2) There is a right way and a wrong way to walk on a lead. The right way takes a lot of self discipline, especially if you are like me and get really excited to go outside.


Suffolk Coastal-20130227-00262

The right way




Suffolk Coastal-20130227-00253

The wrong way

3) When you are let off the lead, do not run away. You must wait until your human pack leader says you are allowed to run.


4) Come back when called.

Suffolk Coastal-20130226-00242

Humans love it when you do what you are told and focus on them


4) Wait to be invited back inside the house.


Suffolk Coastal-20130227-00264


This walk was especially fun because we didn’t just walk. Sometimes mum runs with me which is great! The only down side is that i have to slow down because humans are very slow in comparison to us dogs. Then mum did something a bit different. I was up ahead sniffing around and when i looked back, she had disappeared! You can imagine my panic at first, i thought i had been abandoned. Then when i listened carefully i heard mum’s voice, she was calling me! It turned out she was just playing with me, a game of hide and seek. I got rewarded with big cuddles and a treat when i found her!


After we played hide and seek mum did some more training with me. She made me sit and stay in one place when she walked away from me. I don’t like it when she does that because i think she might leave me but i always try my best to do what she says. I get so excited when she tells me to go back to her!




When we got back from our walk i was tired and so was mum. When she was comfortable i thought it would be a nice idea if i hopped up onto the sofa and sat on her lap. I often have a nice nap like this, with my head on her chest, but today i thought it would be fun to just stare at her.


People don’t seem to like it when i stare at them for long periods of time, but i think its fun, so i will keep doing it

Play time:

After i had calmed down, mum decided to do some training with me.


        I prefer “high five” but if you insist, i’ll “shake”



This one is really, really hard.


This is fun, but i can only concentrate for a certain amount of time and then, i get a bit crazy.I made mum chase me around and then decided to jump all over the furniture. This didn’t matter so much when i was little, but now that i am big, i knock the arm chairs over!



erm… i think there is something wrong with this armchair….



Tea time:

Tea time is probably my favourite part of the day, along with breakfast of course. It means i get food (food i haven’t stolen that is). It’s important that i wait patiently for it though, or else i end up having to wait even longer. Sometimes it looks so good that i drool! mmmm food.



Tea time is when everyone gets home again, so that means i have lots of people to play with and to follow around. The best is when i get tummy tickles from somebody.


That’s it from me, i hope you enjoyed hearing about my day. I think i’m just about ready to go and lay down for another nap. Mum says she is going to show you some videos of us playing together, so make sure you have a look and see how much fun we have together. Bye for now!

Lots of licks,



2 Responses to “Diary of a Labrador puppy”

  1. Richard Prendergast March 1, 2013 at 2:56 am #

    Hi: You are doing a Great Job with your dog, they are so much happier when they (Dogs) know they have boundaries to follow

    • taylorr1991 March 1, 2013 at 10:50 am #

      Thank you for your comment! I am doing my best, but we have a long way to go yet haha!

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