Today’s walkies adventure

25 Feb

Maya had loads of fun today during her walk in the woods. We met up with a Pointer and her Labrador friend named Jazz who she has played with before (its great because they are a similar age). So, whilst us humans walked along at a nice steady pace, the dogs were running around, in and out of hedges, mud and the river. It was lovely seeing Maya run around with her friends like the lunatic she really is.

The problem was, she got super wet, and super muddy! That’s when we had a trip to the beach to get her even wetter and rinse off some of that mud before coming home.


It was pretty cold though and she was quick to get back into the car and even let me wrap her up in a blanket!


Now, whilst i type this, she is down stairs in the hallway getting up to all sorts of mischief. Nothing tires this one out, not even an hour running around in the cold with doggy friends!

If only she would stay like this for a little while….



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