Recall training

24 Feb

There are lots of different methods of recall training and to be honest, i hadn’t looked into it at all when it came to teaching Maya recall. You could use a long training lead if that makes your more comfortable, or practice lots inside the house, then in your garden and work your way up.

This video shows Maya’s very first time off the lead. She must have been about 15 weeks old (she was late going outside because she was too poorly to have her first jab so it was put back a while). Anyway, this worked really well and i would definitely recommend this. Find a large area where there probably wont be any other people or dogs, take your family or friends and spread out. By each calling her and then getting her to come, your dog will think you are playing some kind of game, but she is actually learning recall at the same time. As you can see from the video, Maya seemed to enjoy herself anyway!


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