22 Feb

There are a couple of types of harness available on the market, and it is important that you chose the right one to suit your needs.


Harness:  The general harness fits around your dogs front legs and over the shoulders. They will have a loop between the back of the shoulders where you can attach your lead. People often use harnesses as an aid to stop pulling. If this is the case, don’t just get any old harness. If you use a general harness on a dog that pulls, it will only encourage more pulling. The dogs learn to lead into the harness, pulling forwards. You can get some variations on these harness, for example some are very thin nylon, others are much more padded. I have seen some of these sold in puppy packs where they are very padded with softer material so that your puppy is more comfortable.


I imagine that these might be nice to use on smaller dogs (that dont pull) as you may feel like you have more control and when they are small it probably looks nice to other people that them being controlled by the collar around their teeny neck. I can also see the appeal on using these on bigger dogs, but i think the need for more specific harnesses might appropriate here.



No pull harness:  If you have a dog that pulls, these are the harnesses that you want to look out for. Rather than encouraging a dog to pull by letting them lean forward into the harness, these are designed slightly differently to feel uncomfortable when the dog pulls. Instead of one ring to clip the lead onto, these harnesses have two. When the dog pulls, the rings come together in a sort of pinching action so that they tighten and lift, and then release when the dog stops. This feeling encourages the dog to stop pulling to feel more comfortable rather than to continue pulling and feel empowered. In this way they work similar to a choke chain.  If you can persuade your dog to step in and out of a harness easily, then you really will find these simple.

I used one of these on Maya for a while, after the failed attempt of using a halti and i did find that they work really well. I felt as though i had more control over her because the lead was attached to her shoulder area rather than the collar around her neck. you don’t have the issue of the dogs pulling and choking, sounding horrible and in my experience feeling embarrassed. I will point out that they do need to be fitted correctly if they are going to work.

no pull harn

Other: I have also come across harnesses where the lead attaches to the front of the harness. Whilst i cannot be one hundred percent sure what the idea is behind these, i assume that it would be similar to that of the halti, in that you control the front of the dog, rather than the back. Perhaps you have tried one of these and could let me know?


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