21 Feb

I imagine that this would be one of the first things you go out and buy when you bring a dog into your life. Picking a collar seems simple enough, but there are a few things you might want to consider and there are a few different types out there. It isn’t all about pretty patterns and diamante studs (although of course, that is fun to shop for).


Nylon adjustable collar: These are pretty simple. They are soft and don’t cause any damage to your dog if fitted properly. The adjustability comes in handy particularly if you have a puppy or young dog which is still growing because you can loosen it as your dog gets bigger. These usually come with plastic clip clasps which are simple to do up and undo. The added bonus about these nylon collars is that they come in a huge variety of colors and patterns and they arent particularly expensive either. A down side, is that once they get wet, they do smell and you might notice a strong “wet dog” smell around your dogs neck. I use these with Maya and get on well with them. That being said, the latest one seems to get loose often and we have had a few escape attempts from her recently.

nylon collar








Nylon buckle type: The only real difference here is that instead of a plastic fastening, these have a metal buckle. I have never personally used this type of collar, but i have heard some people say that they prefer this type of fastening. I guess they might feel more secure and you have less concern that they might become loose or undone as the adjustable ones often do.

nylon buckle



Leather collar: These are generally more sturdy than the nylon collars. I have used this type once on my old dog Clay, however if my memory is correct, he chewed it up and that was the end of that. I cant really comment on if they smell when wet or how long they last. Obviously you have a little more restriction on colour and pattern. That being said, i have seen many dogs with studs or diamante on their leather collar.

leather collar



Choke Chain: Many people are completely against the use of these, i used to be. However, now i tend to have the opinion that you should use the tool that makes you feel comfortable, and as long as it is used properly, i’m ok with that. These tend to be mostly nylon or leather, with a part that is chain. The purpose of these are to tighten when the dog pulls and loosen when it relaxes. These chains are meant for corrections, not for choking. As long as they are put on and used correctly, they could be the tool you are looking for. However, as i will mention in a moment, there are down sides if they are used incorrectly.



The down side is that if they are too tight they could rub or even become embedded and cause serious injury and pain. I personally wouldn’t consider using one of these on my dog more because i don’t think it would empower me, but rather i would feel nervous about using it incorrectly and other peoples perceptions of me and my dog. I tend to associate them with people who have bully breeds and want people to be intimidated (that’s just personal opinion/perception).












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