Maya Actually Heeled!

16 Feb




This is what i consider to be one of Maya’s biggest problems, she rarely walks to heel and instead insists of pulling like a steam train or at least walking just in front of this.

Many people suggest that this means that she considers herself as pack leader, and when you look at pack mentality, it makes a lot of sense. Obviously, Maya thinks shes boss. However, she has been getting noticeably better, and i dont think we have been doing anything different, perhaps it is because she is growing up?


Some tips that i have heard for getting your dog to heel:

– Make sure you are the pack leader and your dog should be willing to follow you, not pull you

– Use rewards. Every time you dog positions herself where you want her (i.e. head beside your leg) give her a reward (verbal or otherwise)

– Start off indoors where there are no distractions.

-Use a wall as a guide. By placing the dog between you and the wall, it begins by giving your dog an idea of how close she needs to be to you and where to position herself when walking. You can gradually increase the space between the wall and yourself.

-There are lots of different tools you might try such as the “no pull harness” or the halti. You could even try placing the lead higher up around your dogs neck so that it is just behind the head.


None of these seemed to work particularly well for Maya (although i havent tried them all), but she does seem to making progress, and that’s great!


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