Search and rescue

10 Feb

We all know how important search and rescue dogs can be at saving human lives, but what about animal lives?


I was going to search for a heartwarming story about how a search and rescue dog found and saved a human, but instead, i thought i would share this one.


This is something that happened very local to me, in fact, it is an area where i often walk my own dog. Basically, during the week of lots of snow, an elderly lady was out walking her little Cairn Terrier, Maisie, when she slid on the ice and fell. She lost her grip on the lead and little Maisie ran off. The little dog didn’t have an recall training and didn’t come back when she was called.  Instead of coming back to her owner, Maisie spent eight days on her own, in the cold, eventually to be found by none other than a tracker dog. Where people had failed at finding this little dog, another dog succeeded.




To read more:


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