Retrieval of a baby deer

10 Feb

I was recently speaking to a friend who owns working gun dogs and he told me a little story that i thought i would share.


Recently, his mother was out with the dog in the fields, not on a shoot, just walking, and the dog (a springer spaniel) came back with something in its mouth. Upon inspection, it turned out that this dog had sniffed out a baby Muntjac deer which was obviously well hidden waiting for its mothers return and decided that it needed to bring the animal back to his owner. Before you panic, everything was fine! My friends mum simply dusted the little animal off and put it back safely in its hiding place for its mum to come back to.


What i like about this story is that it shows two things. One, how strong the instinct to retrieve can be for dogs that have been bred and trained for this purpose. Two, just what the “soft mouth means”. This dog was able to pick up this tiny, defenseless, fragile creature and carry it back to his owner without damaging a hair on it.



For those of you who don’t know what a Muntjac deer looks like, or how tiny a baby is:

baby mun


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