My protector

10 Feb




“When I worked at the animal shelter, someone surrendered a huge Malamute/Lab mix. We called him Buddy. He had a LOT of issues, fear aggression being the worst of them. But we bonded with Buddy and weren’t going to give up on him. We worked with him, to try and get him to be adoptable. We had Buddy for 8 months, and still no adopters. We took him out of his kennel while we were at the shelter, he was always with us. We were so attached to him, and he was attached to us.

One day I got to the shelter early, my co-worker wasn’t there yet. I was unlocking the doors when a guy pulled up. He said he was missing his dog and asked if he could look at the dogs. I showed him to the dog kennels, and he pointed out a Coonhound and said it was his dog. He asked if I could take the dog out so he could make sure. Well, I did all that and he swore it was his dog. Said he’d come back the next day and get the dog. He turned to leave.

I went inside and put the Coonhound away in his kennel, assuming the guy had left. I got Buddy out of his kennel on the way back to the office, and I was holding onto his collar. When I walked out of the kennel area, the guy was still standing there. He looked at Buddy and said “does he bite?”. He was staring at me and it was starting to creep me out, he kept walking towards me and I kept walking backwards. I was getting really scared. Keep in mind, the shelter sat WAAAAAAY back in the middle of nowhere… there was no one around to hear me scream and I could not get to a phone.

I was still holding onto Buddy’s collar. The guy reached his hand out to grab me. Buddy snarled and lunged at the guy. The guy ran off, jumped in his car, and took off.

To this day, I know Buddy saved me. We saw the best in him and spared his life, and he in turn saved mine. Just a few weeks later, Buddy finally found his forever home. I still get updates on him and his new owner has brought him to see me several times.

I am forever grateful to my Buddy.”


Again, this story is something that i found online at:


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