Man’s best friend

10 Feb

I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. Of all the animals in the world that have been domesticated, you cant get a better friend than a dog.

I said yesterday, that companionship can be just as important as any other “job”, you tell me, do you agree?


Since graduating university in July 2012, I have had nothing to do. I cant find a job (and before you start jumping to conclusions, i have done hundreds of applications, and i am actually trying), i have nothing to do at home, most of  friends live 100 or more miles away from where i do. Basically, at home, i have my mum, my dad, my sister, and my dog. This is going to sound corny, especially considering some of the other stories i have posted on here, but i really don’t know where i would be without my dog.

Maya is the reason i get up in the morning, without her, i would spend hours in bed, just moping around and feeling sorry for myself. Maya is the reason i get up and exercise, shes a Labrador, she needs lots of walks, and she is a puppy, she constantly wants attention. I take my vitamins, because i remember to give Maya her supplements (shiny coat, strong bones). She actually enables me to talk to other people, whilst out on our walks i often meet other people and walk along with them and their dogs. A dog is the perfect ice breaker. I talk to her when i am bored or lonely. She comforts me when i am having a bad day. I often say that she has been my savior, without her (and my family) there really wouldn’t be any need for me to be here any more.

My Nan and Dad were recently talking, and my Nan commented “It’s a good job you bought her that dog” – and it is!


Lets not forget, she is the reason for this blog!



My dad always says, that dogs choose their owners. I always say, that we get the dog we want, not the dog we need.


For Maya’s case, i think it was fate. I needed her.


I have said before about how she was everything that i planned not to get. But that’s not all, its even in her name. I got her as a graduation present (funny story with that one, i refused to stay at university unless i got a dog when i got home, spoilt brat, i know), her grandfather’s name was Graduation. My mothers name is Deborah, so is her grandmothers. One of her great grandmother’s name’s was Princess, I had read that Maya meant Princess in Arabic (who knows if i’m right?).

Whatever way you look at it, whether you believe in fate, it doesn’t matter, she has been and still is, exactly what i needed.





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