A teacher, a friend, a therapy dog

10 Feb

I absolutely love therapy dogs, i love everything they do, and everything they stand for. The work a therapy dog does is something that many people probably dont really appreciate it. I probably don’t even appreciate it enough.  What i do know, is that i have read many stories about how therapy dogs have changed lives. They can make us feel better, give comfort and love, even teach us important lessons.

For this reason, i am hoping to one day apply for Maya to become a certified therapy dog. When she is older, calmer and i have trained her well, i hope that she will be able to really help enrich someone’s life. I know she has enriched my life, and i want to share that. I hope that one day, i can give up some of my free time and volunteer to take Maya, and really help people. She is important in my life, and i think she can do much more 🙂



“My dog Abbey Rose is a certified R.E.A.D./Pet Partners dog. We go to our local elementary school and work with children who have some delayed reading ablities. We have been doing this for 4 years now. Abbey has a few students that do not read at all yet, but they do have sight word flash cards. I have taught Abbey to pick a word from 2 cards shown. We play a game with the childrens flash cards. When Abbey gets a word right, she gets a card, when the student reads the word right they get the card. One day a little girl who doesn’t read at all. (She doesn’t even try) saw Abbey was winning all the cards..well she started to read all of her cards. She will not read for the teacher, but she will for Abbey! It warms my heart when the kids get into reading that were afraid to read to their peers or teachers. Abbey encourages them with a gentle paw on the book or a nudge. They see that she wants them to read and doesn’t care if they make a mistake.”


For more beautiful stories like this one, check out: http://www.cesar.com/therapydogs/#


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