A Guide dog

10 Feb

“My guide, Amelia, has opened many doors of opportunity; has given me the strength and courage to get out and enjoy
life just as everyone else does. My most difficult time was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My Amelia was there for me all the way, emotionally and physically. She was my driving force to beat it. I had to have radiation therapy five days a week, for seven weeks. Each day when we arrived in front of the hospital door, Amelia knew where we were. All I had to say was Amelia, take Mommy to the room. After a few trips, honestly, I didn’t even have to tell her which hallway we had to turn into, she knew the way. I don’t think I could have faced my breast cancer as I have for Amelia was my driving force to lick this beast.
For I knew Amelia would need me as much or more as I needed her. Our journey still continues with fun and happiness. We have traveled to many places and have met many wonderful people who have the greatest admiration for all guides like Amelia. The trust you gain, the love you receive, and the enjoyment of companionship is unexplainable. If and when Amelia’s journey as a guide comes to a close, I will most definitely seek for another partner to walk with me to reach the different avenues of adventure that is left for us as a team to explore. For then my amazing Amelia will switch to my right side while my new partner is on my left, I then will know and have the angels of God guiding me safely and happily.

Priscilla Arvani”




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