Sporting dogs: gun dogs

6 Feb

These dogs were bred primarily to work with people to hunt game birds and can be divided into three categories. Retriever dogs find and return killed game to the hunter. Labrador retrievers were bred so that they are perfectly equipped to retrieve downed waterfowl with a water-repellent coat and webbed feet[1]. Pointer dogs stand in front of their quarry, with their nose and body rigidly still. Their body position directs the hunter to its location through “pointing”. Setter dogs were originally trained to set, or crouch, in front of game preventing the escape of the quarry and the hunter would then make the capture with a net. Spaniels are also a popular type of sporting dog breed. Sporting dogs are naturally very active and alert. It is often said that Labradors for instance will walk as far as you are willing to take them, but are just as happy to spend the occasionally rainy afternoon cuddled up on the sofa. Many sporting dogs are very likeable and make well-rounded companions providing the owners recognize their need for regular and invigorating exercise[2].


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