Guard dogs

5 Feb

Guard dogs might be used to protect a home where the intruders are more likely to be human. Most commonly these dogs are used to guard larger houses which are more isolated, or in areas where it is common for burglars to enter a house without hesitation. A guard dog will not only watch and alert but also threatens the intruder to the point of retreat. As with many dogs, a guard dog will instinctively do anything necessary in order to protect their human “packs” as well as their territory. This can range from barking at the intruder through to an actual attack. Fortunately, their intimidating appearance and low voice often is enough of a deterrent to any intruder. For these reasons, the trainability of a guardian dog should be carefully considered when choosing a guard dog. It is the quality of trainability that will ensure that the natural instincts and sense of protectiveness of a guard dog remain within the limits set by the law[1] as well as individual requirements of the human and its dog.

Guardian breeds, including Giant schnauzers, Tibetan mastiffs, Doberman pinschers, Cane corsos, and many other similar breeds, are unfortunately often considered to be untrustworthy and aggressive due to their ferocity when it comes to protecting their home[2]. These breeds are usually extremely intelligent, and as such they relatively easy to train. This trainability makes them capable of completing any type of work you might want them to do, whether that be: obedience, agility, therapy, search and rescue, etc.


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