Labradors are the best food thieves around

30 Jan

I’m not sure if this is something that is more significant with labradors, or if it is just a dog thing in general, but both of the labradors that i have owned have been extremely successful in stealing and eating food items. So, you tell me, is your labrador a master food thief?

Yesterday, Maya somehow managed to find, steal and then eat one of those pouches you get of cat food. I’m not sure where she got it from, because we keep it inside a cupboard, but within minutes she had eaten the contents and a fair amount of the foil pouch before we could get it off her.

She will often stand on her hind legs and make attempts to steal whatever is on the counter, whether that is cat food, which she literally steals from beneath the cats noses, or food that is being prepared. Her worst habbit and something we are working on (and is improving slowly) is that she will circle the dinner table when we are eating and as soon as someone gets even slightly distracted, she jumps up and grabs food off the plate. I jokingly say that she circles like a shark, although of course, stealing food is a big problem and we are working on correcting it.

My old dog Clay however, was the real pro. When you considered how much food he was able to steal and then consume, it really is no wonder that he was overweight, despite having only a small amount of dog food and lots of exercise. His favorite way of stealing things he shouldn’t eat was through raiding the bins. Fist, he learnt how to lift the lid, something that really wasn’t that hard to figure out in the first place. That is when we decided to get a pedal bin (the one you have to put your foot on to pop the lid open), but, knowing that there was food to be had, the clever boy watched and learnt just how to get in. We would actually witness him putting his foot down to open it.

The worst thing he ever ate though, was an entire chocolate cake. I cant remember, but i am assuming he had a funny tummy for a while after that one!


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