Whistle training

28 Jan

A while back, i went to visit a friend of my mum’s who used to train gun dogs and police dogs. We chatted about how i was training Maya and i mentioned that i wanted to use a whistle as an aid for when i am out walking.

Whilst i really prefer to just be able to call my dog whilst we are out walking and for her to listen to me and come back, a whistle can be a useful tool, especially when it is windy (the whistle is louder than your voice).

She suggested that i had two types of whistle: one for her to come to me, the other for her to sit. I have been using two blows for come, and one for sit. In order to teach her what i expected from me i used positive reinforcement through giving her a treat whenever she did what i wanted.

To begin with (and still sometimes now) i would blow the whistle, then call her (so she knew what i wanted) and then when she started to move, i would blow the whistle again.

Getting her to sit was easier because i just gave her hand signal for sit whilst blowing the whistle.

She is doing pretty well, but i think this training possibly takes a little more time than her standard tricks, mostly due to the fact that it takes place outside where there are more distractions.


3 Responses to “Whistle training”

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