The lead

28 Jan

There are lots of different types and collars out there that you could use, and there is no right or wrong choice. The main thing is that you use whatever you are comfortable with.

At the moment with Maya we are using a normal collar and a lead that just clips to the ring on the collar where her tag goes. However, i’m not keen on these leads, at least while she is still pulling. I tend to find that i feel as though i don’t have too much control and that she ends up choking herself on it.

I prefer slip leads. The ones that are essentially a piece of rope that just slips around the neck, when the dog pulls, they pull tighter, and when they are relaxed and walking properly, they are looser. With these leads, a tip i learnt is that they work much better if you have them high up on the dogs head. If you think about controlling a horse, you steer from their head to get them where you want them to go. The same concept works with dogs. Where the head goes, the body must follow. By having the lead up high around her head, you end up having more control over her movements, and they pull less.


The only problem with this technique, is that i find it virtually impossible to keep the lead in place. Sometimes they come with a little leather stopper, but as your dog moves, it seems to loosen.

Why don’t i use these leads any more? Because Maya chewed hers up, and i haven’t gotten round to spending money on a new one!


2 Responses to “The lead”

  1. keytrade May 11, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    I’m a writer from Gampelen, Switzerland just submitted this to a coworker who is running a little research on this. And she actually ordered me lunch only because I came across it for her… lol. Actually, allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal… But anyways, thanx for investing all that time to discuss this subject here on your site.

    • taylorr1991 May 12, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

      Oh wow, thats good to hear! I actually was a little dubious of this comment as i recieve a lot of spam. What is it that your co worker is researching exactly.

      At least you got some lunch out of it!

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