Maya’s “walkies” routine

27 Jan

We have a little routine set up for when we take Maya for a walk, in the hope that things start, continue and end as they should do. So far, they start well and end well, but walking on the lead needs some work.

1. Don’t get excitable and jump around saying “walkies”. If we stay calm, so will our dogs, and that is exactly what we want from them.

2. Get our coats on, and our shoes on. She generally knows this means that she will be going for a walk, but she just lays down on the floor and watches us get ready, no fussing.

3. Put her lead on. Most of the time she stays laying down for this and doesn’t stand until we start making our way to the door.

4. Get her to sit and wait at the door. We leave first.

5. Take her to the car. Sit and wait while we open the car boot. Once it is open, we wait a few seconds, and then give her the go ahead to get in by pointing to the car and sometimes saying “in”. Sometimes a little treat is required as bribery  but this tends to be on the way home when she is more reluctant to get in.

That’t it really. We do the same but in reverse when we come home. The main thing is keeping calm and some sort of routine, as we already know the key to dog training is consistency.

Image     Maya waiting by the door to be let inside

Image   Waiting by the car after a walk


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