Winter Safety:

25 Jan

This post is coming a little late considering the recent snow, but it’s something that all pet owners should be aware of, ready for next time the cold, wet weather comes around.




Animal clothing:

I’ll start with this one to lure you in because it possibly appeals most. If it is really cold and wet, you might want to consider putting a little coat on your four legged friend, particularly if that little friend is small and easily effected by the elements. Just remember, take them off when you bring your pooch back inside, we don’t want it staying warm outside and then over heating inside!

Keep them out and protected from the elements:

If your animal lives indoors, you don’t have to worry so much. If your dog lives outside, make sure that its house is warm, dry and draft free. It might be worth purchasing a heated floor mate. Whilst blankets might be warm and cosy to snuggle up with indoors, beware that outside they can get wet and then freeze. A good insulator is hay and straw.


If you have a dog with long hair, bit tend to groom it to stay short, you might want to consider letting it grow a little longer when it is cold.

Make sure that your dog’s nails are kept trimmed to make walking on slippery surfaces easier, and keep the hair between their toes trimmed to avoid snow getting between them and getting sore.

If you walk your dog along roads or pathways that have been gritted or had salt put down, make sure that you check your pets feet and preferably give them a quick wash to avoid any irritations.


The chemicals used in products such as anti-freeze can be fatal to a number of animals, including dogs. Make sure that your dogs are kept well away from it by keeping bottles done up securely and out of reach, and wiping up any spillages. There was recently a case in the UK where five cats were poisoned by the substance, some of which unfortunately died.

Older animals, or animals with pre-existing conditions:

The winter weather can be particularly harsh on animals which already have pre-existing health conditions. The cold, damp weather can be hard on an animal’s legs if it has arthritis, is old, or overweight. Young dogs or puppies should also only be left outside for short periods of time and should be watched for any signs that they are feeling uncomfortable.



Pictures are of Maya (top) and Courtney’s Solomon (bottom)


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