25 Jan

Is it really necessary? What is it? How is it done?

Yes, its pretty important. We love our dogs, and we want to keep them safe. Having your dog micro-chipped can really help in instances when it becomes lost or stolen. With a quick scan over the neck, vets, rescue centers or even the police are able to pick up your phone number and address and have your beloved lost pet back to you in no time.

What is it?

The microchip itself is very small, about the size of a large grain of rice. Every microchip is different, and the numbers they hold are what identifies the dog as belonging to you.

How is it done?

First, the chip is scanned to check its details and that the number is unique.

Then, the chip is implanted under the lose skin between the shoulder blades of your dog. Its just like having an injection, and whilst it may sting a little or the dog might give a small yelp of discomfort, its over quickly and does no harm by being there.

Once the chip is in, another scan is carried out to check that it is reading correctly. From there a registration form is filled out and put on the database.

The whole procedure takes no more than a few minutes, and your dog will barely even notice anything has happened, especially if it is given a tasty treat to think about instead! The cost of the micro-chipping will vary from place to place, at my vets it usually costs £10 for micro-chipping  but because of the scheme i am on, Maya got hers done for free. Once it is in, you don’t have to worry about it again, as it will stay there for life. You just have to make sure that if your number changes or if you move house, that you contact the appropriate people and change your details.

Is a collar and tag enough?

Whilst it is important and actually a legal requirement (in the UK) that your dog wears a collar and a tag with its name and details on it, i would suggest getting both the collar, tag and microchip. A collar could quite easily slip off, or in the case of theft,  a person can change the collar. A microchip, cannot get lost, or changed.

I would suggest that somewhere on your dogs ID take you put that it has been micro-chipped. On Maya’s tag, it has her name and “Scan me” on one side, and my phone number on the other. On the inside of her collar, is our address.

photo (9)


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