20 Jan

OK, after being told by a friend that i needed to watch this advert because of how awesome it is, i instantly wanted to share it with you, and then got the idea to do a quick post about insuring your dog. Firstly, i would like to point out that although i have given the advert for Pet Plan, that doesn’t mean i am promoting it (even though that is who Maya is insured with).


1. one in three pets will require veterinary treatment each year

2. approximately 80% of older pets will claim on their insurance each year.

3. Veterinary fees are rising faster than inflation (and therefore the need for insurance is possibly higher?)

4. Pet insurance claims are more common that claiming on house or car insurance

5. Claims are more commonly made for illness than accidents

Why insure your dog?

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t even consider getting pet insurance, let alone actually getting it, but as soon as you are faced with a daunting vets bill, you might regret not thinking about it at the very least.

There are a number of different types of pet insurance out there, different costs and different amounts of cover. Some of the things pet insurance can cover you against includes:

– accidents or sickness: whereby your insurance can cover or help towards vets fees

-the loss or theft of your pet: whereby you might be given help with the cost of advertising or reward for a lost pet

-death: where you are often given some compensation

– against your liability your dog causes against a third party

What insurance to get:

Well, this really depends on a number of factors including what you want to be included in your policy, what your financial expectations are and how regularly you want to pay for them. Many insurance companies will give a monthly fee which can range from anywhere between about £5 a month and £30 a month. Others will also give the option for you to pay a year off in one go.

Price will depend on the individual company, the animal itself (breed, age, has it been micro-chipped has it been neutered?) and what policy you chose.

I would recommend going for a policy which provides a high cover for each accident and illness (£4000 for example). It is also worth looking into how much is covered for other areas such as advertising for a lost pet. You need to consider what is most important to you and what would perhaps be most likely to happen to your pet.

What did i get:

As I’ve said before, at the moment Maya is covered with Pet Plan, and i believe our cats are as well. Whilst this is one of the more expensive insurance companies, the amount of cover you get is very good. With Maya being a puppy, and a boisterous, accident prone chocolate Labrador puppy at that, i decided that she needed to have a high amount of cover regarding accident claim. Something that could be needed judging by the number of close calls we have already had.

A story to persuade you:

When my parents got my Golden Retriever, Toby, they never really felt the need to spend lots of money on insuring him. This worked out fine for years, he was healthy, happy and never got into trouble. One day however, we noticed that he had a lump on his head. How he got this, we were unsure, although we suspect that he was possibly hit on the head at some point when he ran off on one of his walks, and greeted someone who did not want to be greeted. Long story short, he was very poorly and needed lots of operations. My parents took him to the vets at newmarket, one of the best in the UK where he was operated on (twice i think). He never did get better though, and after a year or so of treatment he had to be put to sleep. My parents literally spent thousands on his treatment, something that insurance would have helped with. Needless to say, all of our other dogs have been insured since.


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