What not to feed your dog

11 Jan

The big one: Chocloate

While chocolate has been reported recently to be high in human-friendly antioxidants, it appears to be potentially lethal for our pets, and particularly for our dogs. If your dog has eaten chocolate, especially a large amount you should watch carefully of any changes in your dog, and probably take it to the vets. It is important that all family members (children included) and any visitors to the house know not to give your dog chocolate.



I found out first hand that mushrooms can cause health problems. Luckily, we got away with some vomiting which was easily treatable. Some mushrooms however can result in problems such as hallucinations and even death.



You should steer clear of giving your dog nuts, particularly walnuts and macadamia nuts, both or which are extremely poisonous.


Raw meat:

Just as a human would likely suffer from eating raw meat, so would a dog. This is beacause most of the meat that is available to us, isn’t particularly good quality and carries the risk of microbes and parasites including E Coli. While many do feed their dogs raw meat to no ill effect, take care to purchase the highest quality available.


Onions and garlic:

A chemical found in onions causes a dog’s red blood cells to weaken and rupture, which in turn leads to anaemia and so onions should not be given to a dog in any form. Garlic however is safe for dogs, but only in moderation.


Raisins and grapes:

Evidence suggests that as little as seven raisins or grapes can be toxic to a dog. If the dog goes untreated it could develop acute kidney (renal) failure and die.


Human sweets and treats:

Cakes, sweets and biscuits should never be fed to dogs. They contain too much refined sugar and a high proportion of fat. These types of food are not particular good for us to eat (hence we eat them in moderation) so they definitely are not good for our fury, four legged friends.


Cat food:

Cats require more protein and fat, this makes their food unsuitable for dogs.



There is a massive list of plants that are not suitable for your dog to eat, many of which you might grow in your own garden. It is important that you do your research before bringing a dog into your home and make sure that any of these plants are removed or at the very least made inaccessible to your dog. The dogs trust have a good table which lists all of the plants that are dangerous and gives the symptoms they could cause. 




Read more: http://www.cesarsway.com/magazine/oct10/features/Dog-Nutrition-A-to-Z#ixzz2Hgg6esB8



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