The feeding ritual

10 Jan

Since Maya was tiny we have been using the same routine when it comes to feeding time. First she has her walk, and then she gets her food. This way she has to earn her food.

Next, i never make a fuss about feeding her. I simply say something along the lines of “Maya, dinner” in a calm, neutral tone of voice and then let her follow me outside to the garage where i keep her food. She then follows me back outside, and automatically sits about two feet in front of me.

Before putting her food bowl down i insist that she makes eye contact with me. This way i know that she is focusing on me,and not her food. Then after putting her food down, i sometimes make her wait a few seconds before i let her go to it, other times i allow her to have it straight away.

(Sorry for the poor quality video, it was dark out!)


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