Book review: Be The Pack Leader: Cesar Millan

10 Jan

This was the second book by Cesar Millan that i have read. I have to
admit, that i didn’t actually expect it to be that great. Not because
the writing was going to be disappointing, or that the information
wasn’t valuable, but because i have watched so many of his programs,
that i assumed it would be the same as what i have seen, but in words.

I was wrong. I really enjoyed reading this book. Yes, a lot of the
information is the same as what you can get from watching “the dog
whisperer” but it also has case studies to add, and reinforces what
you already have learnt.

Many of the chapters finish with or include a single page dedicated to
the point being made. Here bullet points are used to give a sort of
summary, or overview of what you need to know. I like this because it
makes it easy to just flick back to that page and read the tips as a
sort of “refresher”.

As with his book “how to raise the perfect dog” the case studies are
really helpful, as are the pictures.

This book was a nice, simple read, something that you could easily
read all at once or just pick it up and start at any point you chose.
If you like Cesar’s technique, reading this book is a great way to
really understand the concept of being the pack leader and understand
how you can go about enforcing that as your role.Image


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