A book review: Cesar Millan: How to raise the perfect dog

10 Jan

I bought this book shortly after my own puppy came home to live with
us. I had watched a huge number of episodes of “The dog whisperer” and
really liked Cesar’s techniques. I thought this book would help me to
understand more on how to apply them to my own dog (and myself of

This is a great book for someone considering getting a puppy or for
someone who has just got one, it does what it says on the package.
Cesar gives information on everything from which breed to chose, to
bringing your bouncing bundle of fur home, all the way through to what
happens when your puppy enters adolescence.

The book is full of helpful case studies as well as pictures that
really illustrate the point and help you to understand just what it is
you need to do.

If you want to bring your dog up Cesar’s way, this is a great book to
help you along your way.




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