Puppy Panic!

8 Jan

One of Maya’s biggest issues was and still is, her desire to eat everything in sight.
Example 1: At about 10 weeks old, i had returned home to find a poorly little girl, violently throwing up. My sister told me that she had taken her outside and that Maya had eaten a mushroom! Straight away i was on the phone to the vets, who said to bring her in as an emergency. We managed to find a sample of the mushroom to take with us and the headed straight out the door with Maya wrapped up in a towel and sat on my lap in the car. The vets were great. We have been using the same practice for longer than i have been alive and they have always given great advice and obviously love working with animals (nobody wants to see a vet that doesn’t like animals). After being on the phone with the toxicology unit, they had come to the conclusion that Maya was going to be fine. We set off home with lots of signs to look out for (in worst possibly scenarios) which included hyperactivity and hallucinations (how can you tell if a puppy is hallucinating?) . For a couple of days we had to feed Maya some charcoal to soak up the remnants of the mushroom and she was back to her normal little self!

Example 2: Just as i was heading to work i received a panicky text from my sister: “The puppy has eaten a battery, what do i do?”  and of course i responded with a quick “phone the vets!”. We had been booked in, once again as an emergency appointment and as soon as i had finished work, we headed back to the vets. Maya was probably around 5 months old at this point, so was able to reach anything in the house, no matter how high up we hid things from her. She had jumped up to reach the remote control from the windowsill  torn it apart and stolen a battery. Thankfully, by the time we had left for the vets, we discovered that she hadn’t eaten it after all, but had pierced it. The vet checked her over and proclaimed her to be a very lucky girl as no damage had been done through swallowing battery acid.

Maya has eaten so many things that i couldn’t name them all if i tried, but here a small list:

1. Mushrooms

2. Most of the plants in the garden

3. stones

4. wood (sticks, planks of wood, paneling, bits washed up at the beach): i should add here that she doesnt just chew things, but does eat them!

5: plastic (from bits of remote control to plastic bottles)

6. Socks (and other clothes items)

7. Tea towels

8. Tissues (this is her main priority)

9. Poo from any other animal

10. Anyone or anything else (the cats) food.

Thankfully, she is doing well at learning to “leave it” on command, and now will ignore most things if told to. The main thing we are working on is stopping her from jumping up at the table to steal food (mostly from my mum) and eating tissues that she picks up along walks.

I will also add that she has become so familiar at the vets, that we are constantly asked “you do have her insured, don’t you?” … YES we do! And also “we don’t want to see you back here until you need your next booster”… to that i can safely say, we hope that too!


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