Not on the furniture!

8 Jan

Ok, so this rule didn’t really work out, with Maya or with our old dog, Clay.

It started off well enough with Maya, when she was little she was content to sleep on the “comfy area” we had set up by the radiator in the living room. When she was big enough to scramble up onto the sofa’s, the problem started. We were constantly having to pick her up, and put her back down in her place: the floor. It wasn’t long before i was left alone in the house one night, and i easily gave in to Maya’s puppy dog eyes, and let the warm, squidgy ball of fur snuggle up on my lap, on the sofa. Don’t put the blame entirely on me though, my dad did it too!

Now, it doesn’t stop at the sofa’s. She runs around the house, jumping over pieces of furniture as though they are her very own obstacle course. The worst is when she does what my mum and i like to refer to as her “billy goat impression”. One day we entered the living room to find her stood, on all four legs, squarely in the middle of the dining room table. She looked proud as punch as she looked over “her kingdom” with a big dopey grin on her face. Of course, its funny when she does this, but it is something we have to work on. It might look funny, but shes actually showing dominant behavior, and not respecting that the furniture is ours, and not hers to climb over.

When i look back on old photos of Clay, i cant help but think that it could have been my fault back then as well!



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