You get the dog you need, not the dog you want

7 Jan

I have heard this saying from a few different sources, dog behavior expert Cesar Millan included. My dad has his own saying: “dogs choose their owners”. However you want to put it, this was the case with Maya. I first saw Maya in a picture as an advert. She was the last of her litter, nine weeks old, and a female chocolate Labrador  When researching into the type of dog i wanted i had said: no girls, medium sized, medium energy and NOT a Labrador  I love Labradors, but my old dog Clay who died two years ago was a Labrador, and i felt i wanted something different. I didn’t want to ever compare my new dog to him (although that happens constantly). It turns out, Maya was everything i hadn’t planned, but everything i needed. From the moment i first saw those beautiful green eyes, her little wagging tail, choclatey brown fur and “squidgy” body, i new she was mine. I had recently read that the name Maya translated as Princess in Arabic (dont quote me on that), i called the name and she tottled forward. It was settled, Maya was coming home with us.

I was convinced that i would do everything necessary, and in the right way to bring Maya up to be a perfectly well behaved, balanced and happy dog. However, try as i might, as a family, we have made our fair share of mistakes and we are still working on a number of things. Now at nine months old and becoming a “teenager” Maya has given us lots of laughs, reasons to get annoyed and frustrated, but also lots of reasons to be proud.

As i’m starting this a little late, you will have to bare with me to tell her story, but i hope at least a few people enjoy it and get some smiles and maybe even pick up a few tips (if that is what you are here for)



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