When it comes to house training, patience really is a virtue

7 Jan

It seems like one of the most difficult things to teach Maya, was NOT to go to the toilet in the house. It felt like we were running around after her constantly cleaning up her little puddles and the odd present she left us. As much as we cleaned, i have to admit, for a while our house really did smell!

Now for my advice: patience is a virtue.

Try not to get angry or frustrated, the time will come where it will stop. There are lots of different methods out there, including putting newspaper down, puppy training pads, ignoring or even punishing. What we did was simply pick her up and take her outside every time she peed. Eventually, she learnt. There were still the odd accidents, but you have to remember that dogs are not able to control their bladder completely until they are about 6 months old and therefore, they will have accidents! Maya for example, would accidentally pee on peoples feet when they came to the door because she was just so excited!

Funny story:

The worst housebreaking incident in my mums opinion and the funniest is mine was the time that Maya did a massive poo on my mums bed! We had a rule from day one, that she wouldn’t be allowed upstairs. But at about ten or 11 weeks old, my mum decided she needed to pick little Maya up and bring her upstairs so that she wasn’t left alone. She didn’t know that little Maya needed the toilet, and of course, Maya couldn’t ask to go!

On my bed, NOT in need of the toilet

On my bed, NOT in need of the toilet


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